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It all started with a phone call from their son in Afghanistan, simply looking for a pair of sneakers.

After realizing that deployed soldiers aren’t provided with sneakers, John and Deborah were determined to find a way to help. With the support of individuals and organizations from around the country, they are able to purchase high quality sneakers at a discounted price and send them to men and women serving in Iraq, Syria, Niger, Somalia, Djibouti, Jordon, and in other Designated Combat Zones and Imminent Danger Areas.  The uniqueness of the program is that they have devised a way for each soldier to choose a sturdy athletic shoe that best fits their feet…because all feet are different. 

Yes, the soldiers need to replace worn out sneakers. Yes, the soldiers are grateful for the gift. But, most importantly, the soldiers are grateful that people care about them and have not forgotten them.

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Generous, caring people and organizations from all 50 states have donated to Sneakers for Soldiers! To meet the grateful men and women who have benefitted from our donors’ contributions, click below.