Click Here to Find Out How Troops Deployed to Imminent Danger Areas and Designated Combat Zones Can Request Sneakers.

How to Request Sneakers

Please read below to find out how troops deployed to Imminent Danger Areas and Designated Combat Zones can start the process of requesting sneakers.

Step 1:

A unit or team leader/individual will need to contact us with their request. The request date must be at least 150 days prior to the redeployment date for the unit/team or individual. 

Step 2:

Sneakers for Soldiers will respond and request information from the unit or team leader/inidividual. This information needs to be received by Sneakers for Soldiers within a few weeks from our request date.

Step 3: 

When we are able to fulfill a request the sneaker order forms for our offering of 9 high quality athletic shoes are sent for brand and size selection. The number of requests we can accept is based on our resources. As resources permit, we will try to support a unit throughout deployment as need arises.  However, the Unit Leader will need to contact us with additional requests. Order forms will be sent when we can fulfill the additional requests.                          

Please note:  We only accept the order forms that we have directly sent to the requesting unit or team leader/individual. 

Step 4:

The forms are emailed back to Sneakers for Soldiers for processing. Once forms are returned, receipt time varies depending on the number of orders we are processing, availability from the manufacturers and shipping timeframes.  We try our best to get the sneakers shipped within 5 weeks from the date we receive your order.  

Additional Information:

Multiple requests within the same unit, require a unit or team leader to act as a POC. We communicate with one person, a Point of Contact (POC).  Shoes are sent to the POC for distribution. The POC determines those most in need and completes the forms.

Sneakers for Soldiers attempts to fill requests for all team or unit members that the POC is responsible for. Depending upon unit size and resources available at the time of request, we may have to prioritize those who are most in need.

We suggest that POC’s prioritize/determine requests based on:

  • Units/teams in remote locations
  • Lower ranking/junior members needing worn out sneakers replaced
  • Service members with worn out sneakers

Please email your requests to